Print ManagementSolutions

Print Management Solutions

  • Your Current Situation is not Uncommon
  • Up to 40% of all IT / help desk calls are printer related (Source: HP).
  • Small budget for unforeseen repairs, parts and labor.
  • Financial Impacts of Printing Devices
  • Increased page volumes = increased imaging costs.
  • The related costs of administration, management and supply inventory continue to rise.
  • High cost of IT time is spent dealing with printing device and maintenance issues. This detracts from core initiatives.
  • Your Printers need a little 'TLC'
  • Inability to calculate efficient utilization of devices.
  • Your IT personnel spends almost half of their time troubleshooting print related problems.
  • Printing is unreliable; machines break down during important jobs, out of toner, lose ability to print, and print quality is degraded due to a lack of preventative maintenance in critical departments.

Our program is a Complete Print Management Solution designed to facilitate monitoring and proactive management of printing environments while saving your IT department and staff valuable time and money that can be spent elsewhere. The print management solution utilizes cutting-edge software which provides robust reporting and management features. This allows Tech-Optics to create automated service alerts, view device detail reports in real time, schedule maintenance and view historical trending reports that will assist in the development of a cost reduction plan. Our print management solution takes printer worries out of your hands. Tech-Optics manages your entire printer fleet, thus relieving you of the headache of managing your printers.

Print Management Program - How Does it Work?

You receive all of the following benefits in the cost of a toner cartridge!
Our Trained & Certified Technicians service all of your laser printers under our program.
Lifetime Warranty on all your printers! Never pay for Support Packs or Extended Warranties again, we have your printers covered for life.
Maintains and services your printer fleet (Hewlett Packard/Dell/Lexmark): From cleanings and paper jams, to motherboards, power supplies, and maintenance kits. Everything is covered, even paper trays. All parts, all labor, all service at no additional cost!
Preventative maintenance program assures that all of your printer fleet is performing at peak performance. Each printer will receive constant maintenance resulting in extended life and efficient use of your printing devices. This saves your organization thousands of dollars in costly repair and printer replacements.
Toner management (on all toner inventory).We utilize cutting-edge software to assist you with toner management. You have access to real-time inventory reports and are able to receive alerts that remind the help desk staff when a device is running low on toner supplies.
Delivery & Recovery. Our services include complimentary next day delivery of supplies. Also, we will pick up and dispose of your empty supplies at no additional charge.
Same Day/Next Day Response Time. We swiftly address any support issues and/or problems with your HP/Dell/Lexmark printers. We service all printers not under warranty, as well as printers under warranty. We bring parts to fix your printer on the first visit to minimize down time.